My Elusive Butterfly of Success

My mate DW has replied to my missive yesterday like he often does, he keeps me on my toes. Hey toes and does should pronounce the same but they do not but they do when we talk of does of deers, deer does do not does. I am not sure if you see his reply at front of my blog, shall check and if you don’t I shall add it here:

Keep angry Pete, it fires your creativity.

Your thoughts remind me of the classic book, ‘The Painted Word’ that Tom Wolfe wrote in 1975, in which he criticised the art establishment.

Wikipedia has a good summary of it:

‘Wolfe’s thesis in The Painted Word was that by the 1970s modern art had moved away from being a visual experience, and more often was an illustration of art critics’ theories.

The main target of Wolfe’s book, however, was the critics. In particular, Wolfe criticized three prominent art critics whom he dubbed the kings of “Cultureburg”. Wolfe argued that these three men were dominating the world of art with their theories and that, unlike the world of literature in which anyone can buy a book, the art world was controlled by an insular circle of rich collectors, museums and critics with out-sized influence.

Wolfe provides his own history of what he sees as the devolution to modern art. He summarized that history: “In the beginning we got rid of nineteenth-century storybook realism. Then we got rid of representational objects. Then we got rid of the third dimension altogether and got really flat (Abstract Expressionism). Then we got rid of airiness, brushstrokes, most of the paint, and the last viruses of drawing and complicated designs”. After providing examples of other techniques and the schools that abandoned them, Wolfe concluded with conceptual art: “…there, at last, it was! No more realism, no more representation objects, no more lines, colors, forms, and contours, no more pigments, no more brushstrokes. …Art made its final flight, climbed higher and higher in an ever-decreasing tighter-turning spiral until… it disappeared up its own fundamental aperture… and came out the other side as Art Theory!… Art Theory pure and simple, words on a page, literature undefiled by vision… late twentieth-century Modern Art was about to fulfill its destiny, which was: to become nothing less than Literature pure and simple”.’ Duncan

I did a ‘buk’ in my anger/rage series, first and last so far altho i have created a second and Monsewer Flowerpants might have instigated a thurd. Turd art? I haven’t had time to create my Rage buk from the crap I ducked under or pretended did not exist at the end of my recent MA course. But I promise I will. There’s plenty of stuff to reveal there.

My first Rager book quoted  Barthes on ‘power’. Everybody and his dog have ignored my anger series so far. But there is a lot in it. Image

I am working on articles 2 & 3 to submit for UWE bookart publication. My 4th article will be about Robert Hughes whose book and film about Art in America were DEVASTATING. wen he med em he wer VERY ill and dying, but he wer like a dervish with a sword tipped with semtex. BANG he destroyed the art world with one swoop but it carries on cos. like the Establishment it regenerates and gets stronger as it does so. The other thing they do is suck the rebel in, witness the Mick Jagger sir. Lennon wernt sucked in, so they shot that working class earole, my eero.

So anyway, back to my fame or not. I managed to elude success all my days and now I am poor but proud to be Free, allowed to be me. I been hiding my work for 44 yearns awaiting discovery but now like the Kinks I’m Tired Of Waiting so I’m uncovering  me mySelf  I. Eye Aye.

My show at John’s studio is part of me revealing my work from 44 years to an uninitiated ‘public’ (a very selected public, only those who love my work are allowed in). No seriously tho. I met a couple of girls from my Tai Chi class or rather Gareth’s class in wotti tek part at the show. Joy, who I think is in her 70’s and linda, who is not in herseventies, both seemed to get a lot from it. They were talking about our Tai Chi needing more spiritual input as they left. So Gareth watch out as I think Joy is on the peace path.

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