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A Simpler look at Life.

A Simpler look at Life.

As you know many of my BlArts are about pretty heavy stuff and strange stuff and stuff most folk aren’t bee arsed abArt most of the time.

This week I am taking a much simpler look, more direct, at (my experience of) life.

Mostimes when I come to ‘write’ I put my concerned hat on and go, ‘Now, what’s concerning me now?’ but there’s a lot goes on of beauty in ma life what I don’t blart on about like:

When I did my first degree I did a dissertation about modern Japanese art and I came across their paintings which were so like photos. Why bother painting it when you can take the photo, on a Japanese camera even!

Here’s some flowers with raindrops on

a mornin glorya rain on ivy s

Rainbow lights, they come into ma living room early morning when the sun shines, nice.

a rainbos

I made a friend this week, but only for a couple of days. Twas a big old bumble bee. I found him swimming, or rather, drowning in my cats’ drinking bowl.

chili drinks 2 s
cat guarding bowl from bee trespassers

I plucked him out one day last week and put him safe. Next I found him walking round in some clover.

a bee in clova s
notice his left wing is a bit frazzled

I noticed walking was his only means of gerrin about cos one of his wings was badly damaged. So, if he’d tried to fly he would have only gone around in circles like a whirly dervished bee. The following day I found him back in his swimming pool again! So, I put my bronze medallion life saving into action and pulled him out agin. Put him safe agin too. Or two. Next day I found him curled up and died. Well, I got him two extra days on this planet, maybe he’ll return as an Olympic swimmer?

and here’s a flower pic I took a couple of weeks ago in the Tibetan Peace Garden in the Imperial War Museum.

a yeller fleurs

Happy Days, no heavy stuffs