watti do & did

I invented Appleheadman/Apulhed

Apulhed Crawling  apul downcreep col

I used him in my first ever Performance Art piece July 1973- 1st Apulhed Mask Show, Exeter

first apulhed mask-in, exeter 1973
first apulhed mask-in, exeter 1973


I went back to my home town 12 years after I left it to go to college and in 1981 I had a big One man show in Burnley Library .

apul bly sho may 80


1975 my first (artis)book, ‘Apulone ’, (ISBN-978-0950426709) was self-published, now in several national archives including Tate.http://library.tate.org.uk/uhtbin/searchwords/%5EC265425

a buk

‘There’s not many books that I’ve read from cover to cover, honestly, very few, but Apulhead* is amongst that few. It still resonates with me 30+ years later, I don’t think you’re ever the same after reading it…and I mean that in a positive way!’ (Alan Williams 2013) *Apulhed


I am a (performance) artistwriter-friend-painter-sculptor-assembler-hoarder-re-user-refuser-maker-taker-breaker-shaker-reminder-remainder-innovator-investigator-interpolater-intriguer.
And I write about it all too. I’ve always created new ideas unlike any before. I write right, I rite rong. report react regenerate reconfigure rectify. I was a Striver, a Mission Quester, a jester, a Nonogonomad, Now I Am mySelf Only a PerformanceArtistBloke.

In 1972 I wrote about creative originality by 1978 I was writing about creative consciousness, by 2013 I Am a Master of Book art. I make artis-books, I make not-books. I bind I compile loose leafs, I make pothis, I make concertina buks, I make pots and pot potis, I make scrolls, I created G BATCH-the Introduction to my Clay Pot Project, I created Six Mystics and One Self, I comb-bound photocopies of all my ideas for the six mystics project into 6 buks and put them into a plastic box calling it Enbuk,
I admire; Dieter Roth, Rauschenburg, John Cage, De Kooning, Alan Davie, Hundertwasser, M C Escher, Guston, Vasarely, Albarn, Hesse, Jung, Gurdjeff, Lam, Matta, Kurt Vonnegut, P K Dick, Henry Miller, J P Sartre, Alan Watts, Sogyal, Soutine, Auerbach, Bomberg, Bowie, Haagensen. To name but a phew.

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The activities of Pete Kennedy, Performance Artist Bloke, Book Creator & retired artist.

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