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All we are is spiralling energy.

Part One

moon eclipse

Last night I watched the lunar eclipse, it was wonderful to perceive as the Earth shadowed the moon from its light source, our own star, the sun. It was witnessing the presence of celestial objects having effect on one another, casting shadows, changing colours and shapes, apparently. We saw evidence of the movement of these large objects which of course are all in constant movement, spiral-ling through space, together.

We are nought but energy which spirals infinitely. As Blake said we are as grains of sand in endless time & space. a feet  And those feet did miraculously walk on this Earth.

In this room resides the whole universe with me part of it. In the corner of the room are some things which represent energy, the Universe and sentient Beingness.a corner


The lampshade looks like a whirling swirling human entity, a big lump of seemingly incoherent jumbled pattern. (I’ve been called similar before now). Next to it on the wall is a round mat composed of squares positioned like diamonds covered with light reflecting sequins. To the left are small ornaments; a soft toy frog (amphibian), a pottery owl (bird), a squeaky pig (mammal). To the right three shiny metal circles dangle like planets circling a star mirroring the room M C Escher-like. They hang from an iron tortoise, a symbol of longevity, with spirals indicating its shell. Every thing is spiralling, everything from the micro cosmos to the macro cosmos. I spiral my way thru this life like a Sufi Whirling Dervish.

Part Two next time.


I am forever grateful to the peace-loving Tibet people whose work I witnessed last week at a wonder-full show by the Tashi Lunpho monks in London’s Kagyu Samye Dzong Buddhist centre. Since their monastery/university in Tibet was destroyed under Chinese rule the Tashi Lunpho monks have built a new centre in Bylakuppe, South India. Lama Gelongma Zangmo was kind to tolerate my photo taking at KSD.

black hat time spins 3

One image of a swirling black hat dancer epitomises the notion that things are solid state and permanent is a flawed view. image We are lucky to be dancing here and now. Lucky too to be able to see the beautiful orchids in the ‘featured image’. They look like Tibetan dancers’ hats.