O’Dork on World Book Day

So on World Book Day I thought it a good idea to tell you about my new book which right now is wending its way from the printer in Wales to my Distributor at Gazelle in Lancaster and will be sent out to anyone who has pre-ordered it on Tuesday 9th March! One place you’ll find it is at Amazon, here’s my author page there:  https://www.amazon.co.uk/Pete-Kennedy-aka-Danny-OCinneide/e/B08X73S7QP

O’Dork’s Nonogon Adventure tells the tale of Daniel O’Dork (YODi) who came from the Northern English town of Brunlea, an aspiring young artist in 1969 who began creating strange characters. These ‘comic characters’ gradually became quite important in his life; one of them he named Apulhed became his alter-ego. By 1999 he had more than ten personages that he made sculptures of, exhibiting them at Colchester Library in January 2000. As the New Millennium began, YODi, now a Middle Aged Dork, MAD-MAn(master artisbloke now) had a strange dream that he went to Arizona to meet the Hopi people who hold ceremonies in underground pits called kivas. MAD-man looked around the kiva and saw many people from his own past there; it seemed he was in an extraordinary meeting peopled by his lifelong friends, comic book heroes, and Old Souls. He saw he was part of The Nonogon Nomads (a Cosmic Tribe who travel in a Nine Sided Craft called The Nonogon).). The Nonomads were gathering to take on the Vainglorious Arch-Villain BeeHellZeeBug before his forces take over the Universe! Look inside to see how they manage to control The Beast.

Here’s BeeHellZeeBug with some associates!

“Pete Kennedy is a phenomenon. He is the only illustrator I know whose artwork is completely unique, coming, as it does, from deep within, uninfluenced by the artistic styles of others. His work is a labour of love, closer to conceptual art than conventional illustration, and his deep commitment to it has spanned decades. His books are an open door into a world unlike any you’ve seen before.” Bryan Talbot (Graphic Novelist, Eisner Award winner)

 “In all his books Pete mixes poetry, imagination, image, reality & surreal. I feel like I’m moving fast when I’m reading his books. Grabbing a beautiful phrase here, pausing on fabulous drawing there, being whisked off to a strange place, then he brings me back to my own identity before hurling me off into another world. It’s exciting. It’s both a real and an unreal. I loved the O’Dork books.” Gary Malkin, Former Archivist at BALTIC Art Centre.

“There are many exciting drawings of YODi’s early automatic technique (SCIMs/Sub Conscious Images), where fantastical characters and symbols seep out of his mind and squirm around on the paper, interlocking and writhing with arms becoming faces, legs becoming creatures in a maelstrom of dancing shapes. This is reminiscent of the images made on walls by Ancient Egyptians except these reflect the wandering mind-set of late 20th Century man so well documented by C J Jung rather than the stabilised images of the Nile culture. He thinks in art forms; dances and whirls to the music of the Creative Unconscious. Part 2 follows YODi into the realm of the Collective Unconscious, where he uses his developing artistic techniques to draw and paint the mystical visions of peoples and seers. We see a fluid use of portraiture reaching into the minds of the sitters, together with caricatures of alter-egos, imps, dolls, and powers of these people. He portrays a kind of anthropological imagining of their cultures and myths then he develops his own fantasy play enacted by his Nonogon Nomads. Some of these are based upon Pete Kennedy’s real-life friends and the seers that he has read about, assuming powers now, like the mystical tribes. The positioning of these spiritual forces in a geographic template is like a weather map of winds, or a gravitational force field which can be skewed around planets.  Each planet here being one of his mystic beings” (Duncan Walker)

I had forgotten how to add images to my blarts, I looked into it and solved it, hooray