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my caricatures old & Knew

my rework of last week’s cover of Time mag

I have to thank all the folks who visit my blArts and have to tell you that a tweet I did this week has made a mark in Tweetland! It’s ‘viral’ for any of my stuff! here’s some info:

pete kennedy @petekennedy5  Feb 17@Bonn1eGreer here’s a variation on th Time cover Bonnie! @ChiaraAmbrosio the man is a menace blame the USA voting process, we move same way? pic.twitter.com/IvbiUfxi2j {Clik to see the tweet! may need ctrl + clik

In one day (Sat 18.2.2017) 4,572 (number of times viewers saw this twit)

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Prior to this activity, related to my re-framing an appropriation of this week’s Time mag cover image of a noisy man purportedly elected to head one of the world’s noisiest countries my ‘organic impressions’ on twitter averaged about one a week!

The man who I believe ‘the man is a menace’ was of course a totally ludicrous figment of my imagination (because if I invented him nobody would take me seriously would they) called Bonard Crump. IF fame is what am after I’d do lots more caricature, wouldn’t I?

my Valentine this year with all ma love

Talking caricatures I did one of Nixon meets Mao [which you can see in my new (facsimile) book based on some screenprints I did. I don’t expect this to go viral cos they’re both unable to do any more damage cos they’re dead, not just brian dead!] in 1972 called Appleheadman Sees. I had created Appleheadman (aka Apulhed) in Bournemouth in the previous summer after which I spent 3 months in Tregony near Truro in Cornwall so it was not until 1972 when I returned to college in Exeter that I was able to embark on my first ‘serious’ art project using the personage. I wanted to imagine what the human condition may appear like to an entity from ‘somewhere else’, say, another planet or dimension. And it didn’t appear good. Funny, a little later in 1976 Nicholas Roeg (don’t worry am NOT saying I influenced Roeg, he lived down under and was out of reach of my activities in Exeter!)  did his take on alien visitation starring another alien, the late wonderful David Bowie. https://www.timeout.com/london/film/the-man-who-fell-to-earth

I shall be in Bristol on April 1st at BABE in the Arnolfini (5pm in the Dark Studio)  where those who can get there will be able to see Appleheadman Sees and of course my new Shrewd Idiot book in its deluxe version. I shall be doing my Performance Art Piece (PAP), a 15 minute ‘gig’ wherein I shall try to represent all the issues in the work of my college days…phew, that’ll be easy…won’t it? Well am working on th’music for it now, and the dance, and the masks, and the costumes etc


apul odork cleand
A grumpy Lone Worrier looking at the state of Britain’s political lies and tricks.

The Lone Worrier*

*I don’t usually involve in party politics as they are all as bad as each other but as my old public school renegade friend George Orwell said, ‘Some politicians are more unequal than others’. The Lone Worrier is an aspect of my nature I try to keep under wraps but he sneaks past my guard now and then. See below for a explanation as to why he is more than you first see.

 Greyman Actually Major Exposes Serpents

In Britain we are witnessing (once again) the deceit and self-interest of those charged with running this country. Far from informing the electorate about the issues related to staying in or leaving the European Union the conservative party is having an almighty power tussle between men who dislike each other, probably continuing feuds which began at Eton. This is so dishonest and another enormous waste of public* money. I thought my view on it, which developed whilst watching their public schoolboy debating society tactics, was that of a solitary mis-informed old man.

*(Please not in the USA that the word ‘public’ in England in the case of schooling is the opposite of its meaning in the States, in England it means ‘schools for the (so called) privileged moneyed (those who consider themselves a cut above) class, whereas in the States I am led to believe ‘public’ means what we call here ‘state’ schools in which education is entitled and free for all.)

I thought I was the Lone Worrier on this when I have been watching the lunatics who run this asylum called Westminster haul out their dirty washing and rub it in the public’s collective faces but I noticed the once ‘grey man’ of British politics John Major coming out and publicly denouncing the tactics of the upper echelons of conservatism on a widely watched tv show last Sunday. In this cliphttp://www.theguardian.com/politics/2016/jun/05/john-major-nhs-risk-brexit-pythons-johnson-and-gove his referring them to snakes in the grass was so refreshing. Merriam Webster’s definition of serpentine is also very apt.


(I think I am right in thinking Major helped de-throne Thatcher (whose ideological policies have been taken on by the present conservative party) by showing that her ideological (Pinochet sympathizing leanings) was dangerous to this country? see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Military_dictatorship_of_Chile_(1973%E2%80%9390))

On the morning of 8 June 2016 I was surprised to see Bernie Sanders waiting for the ecstatic noise from his California supporters die down. Seems he has a massive support base which to me is a hope for the USA because he seems to want to change the way politics there is run. He won’t get in this time cos Hilary Clinton has won enough votes to seal the nomination but it was fascinating seeing what has been written about him:

“Who is Bernie Sanders?

Bernie Sanders is a candidate for President of the United States vying for the Democratic Party’s nomination. He’s the longest-serving independent in congressional history, currently serving his second term in the U.S. Senate, where he represents Vermont. Bernie won re-election in 2012 after earning 71 percent of the vote. Prior to becoming a senator in 2006, Bernie was Vermont’s sole congressman in the House of Representatives for 16 years.

Bernie’s campaign is about a progressive agenda that — among other things — will create jobs, raise wages, protect the environment, provide health care for all, increase access to higher education, reform our immigration and criminal justice systems, reaffirm our civil rights, promote a more sensible foreign policy, and reduce the influence of money in politics.

Being an independent means Bernie is unaffiliated with any political party. While he’s nonpartisan, Bernie identifies as a democratic socialist.

What is democratic socialism?

Democratic socialism seeks to effectively combine free enterprise with transparent, public programs that maintain a minimum standard of living for everyone.” Go to:


For me the American system closely followed by the British system has broken down and it needs massive improvement. Sanders seems like a breath of fresh air.

Am finishing this blog now with a look at the image at the top from a different point of view, 180% flipped. Now it is no longer The Lone Worrier it becomes my creation- Apulhed (Screaming). I first invented Apulhed as a naïve character who looked at the ways of this world with awe, wonder and fear (AWF). AWF he said as he saw the things that the human race were capable of doing to destroy each other and the planet. My college days ‘comics’ were done for each edition on a topical issue about which I made my comment thru the eyes of Apulhed. Nowadays I just do my blogs.

apul odork

Apulhed is wearing a headband under his hat like the one Arthur Lee of the band called ‘Love’ wore.