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1450 BC is a pivotal moment

Please bear with me here in this blog cos I’ve not taken to or ’got’ religion, no, but I have gotten humanity or spirituality.

Spirit is in all of us. It’s what makes us live. We are the body which the spirit inhabits. Spirit is bigger than us, it is all of us, it transcends all boundaries physical and conceptual. Spirit is above all these conflicts, it yearns for peace amongst the races of planet Earth. Like the Dalai Lama says we all wish to be happy and contented.

Some are willing to fight wars, to kill and maim in the name of their peace. Hence the crusades and the jihads. I am not of that leaning or school of thought, I would prefer to cherish all living beings. [Although as a meat eater I must bear some responsibility for the demise of some of the world’s stock of beef, sheep, fish and all but I spoke with a man who was raised on a farm and they ‘get’ that you give the livestock a good living time then it becomes food on the plate. We need protein but I draw the line. Some animals were reared from time immemorial to serve humankind; cows, pigs, horses, camels salmon and so on. The indigenous folks of the Americas had the right idea when they would co-exist with the buffalo and when they killed one would use every part in some way, the buffalo was their brother.

In my last blog I mentioned 3 countries whose recent history has been strife-ridden; Afghanistan, Iraq & Syria. In fact their strife goes back as much as 5,000 years despite their being the cradle of civilisation. That area has almost always been at war, as have many other areas of this globe. That’s mostly because the human race [my name for the human race is non-gender, ubeings I spose that can be shortened some more to Ubees? Or even Usbees cos we are all in it together, Usbeez I may say Usbeez] are family-protective and territorially jealous whilst also being covetous and greedy. To put it another way, Usbeez are tribal.

My interest in the ancient history of this planet began when I was young and forced to listen to stories in church from the old & new testaments. Ironically Christians broke away from Judaism to set up a different view of life & death yet the powers that ruled GB chose to re-adapt the Old Testament. The powers that ruled GB were from the so called ‘upper class’; the rich, the landed, they decided somewhere along the line that Greece and Rome were the pinnacle of the ancient world and that Greek & Latin were the languages with most importance. That must have seemed obvious as many words in the ‘English’ language hail from Roman Latin and the idea of democracy is supposed to have hailed from Greece altho their democracy was nowhere near all inclusive.

However, the world of what has come to be known as the Semitic-speaking peoples which includes what was Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Phoenicia etc, now known as Iraq & Syria etc, was vitally important in the development of the later Greeks & Romans. Without the Semitic-speaking peoples there would have been no writing. The Phoenicians were Semitic and the Greeks adopted their alphabet. The Phoenicians built Carthage and (I believe) eventually settled in Etruria. http://www.britannica.com/place/Etruria-ancient-country-Italy

The Phoenicians were the big power that moved around the Mediterranean and they traded with the people of Crete and Thera (modern day Santorini, look at the map in this link and you’ll see it is like a polo mint shape, that’s because it was blown asunder in 1450BC (https://www.google.co.uk/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=santorini).


The people of Crete and Thera were the Minoan civilisation, maybe they were what Socrates and Plato referred to as Atlantis. At the time of the massive natural disaster in 1450 BC which destroyed the Minoan culture the people of Crete and Thera had the most advanced society in the region, possibly on the planet. It pre-dated the rise of the Mycenaean Greeks who indeed took advantage of the wreckage left by volcanic eruptions and tsunamis to over-run and overcome a group of people who had held them at bay for a long time. I believe that 1450 BC is a pivotal moment of earth’s history and it is hard for us to comprehend how big the changes brought about by that disastrous time were. Everything in the ancient world changed.


There are some thinkers who believe that there were also some cataclysmic occurrences in the sky, possibly outside the Earth’s atmosphere, something like a comet coming very close to colliding with the planet. There is evidence in all the records of peoples who at that time were capable of keeping records of huge displays of bright lights and explosions in the skies. I believe that a lot of myths about dragons and the gods fighting come from these events. But, whereas that’s some incredible stories from Scandinavia to China, it’s not the focus of this blart.

The focus is on installing the peoples of Assyria and Babylon into their place above the tiny enclave around ancient Judea which has taken on such a big over-important position because the west adopted a form of Christianity which was already a watered down version of the Christ story by the time of the Nicene Creed in 325 A.D. (http://www.theopedia.com/nicene-creed )

I say watered down because the literature adopted at the Nicene Creed deliberately cut out, exiled, many writings which the creed’s creators didn’t see fit for their purpose.

he went right back
some words taken from David Jury’s letterpress version of my scroll poem about Johannes Scheffler, medieval author of the poem ‘Cherubinic Wanderer’ which is about making contact with the source of all things, inside yourself.

It is my feeling that a lot of valuable information was therefore lost to the next 1620 years until in the 1940s various excavations and discoveries found out the content of some of the damned documents in places like Nag Hamadi (http://gnosis.org/naghamm/nhl.html ).


tumultus disc by Pol sm
Tumultous disc in stained glass by MLK

This has not got to do with ‘religion’ it’s to do with truth, honesty and fairness. These vital traits were absent from the Nicene Creed’s outlook which was aimed to push a certain view of the world which was already alien to the ideas of the revolutionary group that surrounded a man with great ideas and example, known to the west as Jesus Christ. Joshua ben Gennesareth may have been his title in reality. If you want to research this further see this set of links https://www.google.co.uk/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=Joshua+ben+Gennesareth

When I mention Christ (which indeed was a title for ‘messiah or anointed one’ see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christos_(given_name)) I do so in the group of  extraordinary thinkers who lived in this order; Buddha, Christ and Mohammed,  I say let’s give these three guys equal billing as none of them would have been into pecking orders and all of whom had a message which was essentially the same- “Walk away from previous bad actions, forgive the perpetrators (including yourself if it were you what dunnit) and build a new future with trust, mutual acceptance and love for all beings.”

The reason I mention this is because all 3 were well aware of the penchant of mankind to take revenge and how that always leads to its corollary (its natural consequence), more violence, more revenge. So these three genii were and still do advocating a revolution against the natural consequence.

I am not ‘religious’ but I believe in the spiritual aspect of existence and I believe these three men were spot on!

I was reading about the (ancient) Hittites, the Babylonians and the Persian (all of whom had incredible advances in their societys, sciences and arts) and the books tell us that each of those countries fought continuously amongst themselves and I don’t think it takes a brilliant mind to say those battles still continue today. The Middle East is riven with strife over the past 5,000 years where men have continued to administer the natural consequences and the wars which began 5,000 years back still continue today. That’s a fact.

Surprisingly there has been a miracle in Ireland where the tribes did kill one another for hundreds of years and that miracle was what is called the Good Friday Agreement (10 April 1998). I hope that they can come to such an agreement in Syria soon enough. Where there’s a will there’s a way.

Give Peace a Chance!

David Jury has completed the letterpress version of ‘Inside This Earthen Vessel’

They tell me that ‘social media is most popular tween Mon-Wednesday? That’s not what hits on my blog tell me, Saturn & Sunday were by far the best shots this past week. And anyway, am on a mission. Am preparing folk to see the books at the London bookfair. Now Last time I covered the first 3 poems in letterpress versions by David Jury. I have now written on the next three, but I got busy and there’s a lot o stuff so am gonna spread it over tree blogs. That’s anutha ting they say, folk don’t want/go to blogs etc what have loads o stuff on em. And I am not finding that true. Folk seem to like the stuff watti rite.

OK sunday 14th, BANG GOES the idea that social media is most visited Mon thru Thors-Day!! This post which was put up yesterday, note a Saturn-day notta M-Thday,was ‘visited’ 44 times before sunadae began, with hits about even frae the USA and Britland. plus one or twa frum India and Aussidownthur. In my stats, it’s sat thru Tuesday what gets most visits. wed an thurs were lowest with 1 and 6 respectively. (Used to buy 10 woodbine with one and six (pence) forgive me young folk you don’t remember the old coinage, forgive me god fer smoking, luckily I givved it up when i wer 18, it slowed me doon on th’pitch!

One lady walked past me yesterday and she said, ‘I really enjoyed your blog this week.’ Somewhat taken aback, I didn’t realise she read it, I was able to show her DJ’s wonderful work, and she loved that too. Sorry I cannot shew it to you in the real form, only digital, but then you don’t feel the feel which is so vital. How can a digipic give the feel, the scent, the breeze of satisfaction as you look at something so tactile? Difficult one that. And tactility is a big part of an artist’s book book, innit? It’s a big part of what makes an artisbuk DIFFERENT from an normal book, even a normal book on a artis. I mean, some normal books are lovely. I am a book addict, book is my ‘habit’, I buy book everyday, mostly from charity shops as I cannot afford to pay shopnew prices. I have hundreds nay thoosands of books. Somebody suggested this week I should even be a ‘social media slut’ (slut, an interesting word) but am already a bookslut, I have a glut o buks. Many of them my own what avent sold (yet). I done this drawing a while back of an artisbloke wat looked like me pushing a barrow of remaindered books. Wonder if I can find that to show yez?

a idjet pushin books smkban idjet at large

Soon after i posted this blArty bit an ole fren sent me a little poem, notice how it takes the shape of a pot. Is everyting gon potty? :

Wheeliebarroh Man
D Walker

Wheeling and whirling

round an around,
the wheelie boy
with house on his hed
moves slowly and serenely
across our mind,
so smooth and silent
that we wonder if
he was ever there.

Anyway, different or not you still need to sell/promote yer output, no matter how good it is cos it won’t shift from yer shelves iffen yez don’t. So bear with me on this prolonged sales pitch.

DJ has now completed his letterpress version of my book Inside This Earthen Vessel which shows his exquisite use of what he calls in his most recent commercial book ‘the visual language of graphic design’. http://www.davidjury.com/various-publishers/before-graphic-designers.html  and we have series of postcards, poster and all ready for Whitechapel nex week, 26 – 28 September 2014. http://www.whitechapelgallery.org/book-fair/the-london-art-book-fair/the-london-art-book-fair-2014


It would be a good idea if you read my previous blArt first before this. https://apulhed.wordpress.com/2014/09/08/the-letterpress-version-of-inside-this-earthen-vessel/


In it I mention ‘spirit’ and I need to start this blArt with a little (?) question about existence and spirit, don’t I? Some may tink this has nowt to do with DJ’s beautiful letterpressed book, well in fact my original (little, not letterpressed) book of the same name is all about spirit really. It’s a metaphor for what is inside the jug which is a metaphor for the human body, or is it? I think it is.

*Spirit- there is a debate about ‘spirit’, whether it exists? Could exist? etc Of course in a material way it is impossible (for spirit to exist) without a body or some physical ‘system’/substance. There has to be some material sunstance for proof of ‘being there’. The human has blood, heart, eyes etc. A mountain has physicality too, some say it has spirit, like the spirit of Apu in the mountains of the Quero peoples of Peru, Mount Fuji and many other examples of the local folk attributing ‘spirit’ to a mountain. And then there is the Question about existence before the Big Bang? Was there a Mind? Is there a Mind? Is Everything a Mind? Mind you, I’m not so sure. Yet I think therefore Am I? And inside this body, this jug-headed entity I call me, there seems to be a mind, a thinking entity, which will undoubtedly, without exception, stop operating in the physical world when I die. The big Question is, will it continue elsewhere, to somewhere else? To Spirit on, that is the Question?


Poem 4, The Silesian Angel, Johann Scheffler.

Like William Blake and C G Jung after him Scheffler seems to have had access to the hidden knowledge sometimes known as Gnosticism. http://ancienthistory.about.com/od/heresies/a/Gnosticism.htm

These had become, ‘secret’ or underground when the Christian church was changed in the 4th century AD and organised like the Roman army under Emperor Constantine who had been converted to it. Men previously competing in the groundswell of ideas which milled around the Middle East in 300-400 AD found their ideas had become ‘heretical’ after the Romanised church declared that they had selected (only) 4 of the many extant gospels, the rest were ‘binned’ so to speak. In the case of Pachomius who lived in a community of hermit monks (sic) their ideas came in the form of books collected from the then known world including places as far away as India. Like all pogroms* this new (Nicene) Creed outlawed thinkers whose idea did not toe the party line. So  Pachomius and his mates felt forced to hide their ‘library’ in a place called Nag Hammadi in Egypt where it lay, in earthen pots, for near 2000 years until re-discovered in 1947. http://gnosis.org/naghamm/nhl.html

(*the word pogrom comes from a russian word meaning like thunder, pity, if you subject a group to a force like thunder it’ll backfire, natural law)

David Jury has enlarged words like Nag Hammadi, and Logos to emphasise their importance in my text. He also makes the songline ‘Are We Humans Or Are We Dancers’ big. To do this he was real pleased to be able to utilise wood font which he had collected but never printed with over the years. David’s eye for composing the page is marvellous and we have done a full colour ‘poster’ with the layout so folk can see the masterly way DJ wields the letterpress tweezers.

The words Scheffler uses in his epic poem The Cherubinic Wanderer certainly have a Gnostic ring to them flagging up his ecstatic direct link with his god. This god he sees as the source of all things which is lodged in the centre of the human and the human is lodged in the centre of the god, the two Sheffler says are inseparable, they are One.

ves 3 sm

my new book!

Hey , did you know i have just published a new book?
Hey , did you know i have just published a new book?

I have recently completed an MA ‘Art, Design & the Book’ with David Jury as the main tutor. My main project was about knowledge in clay pots. It started as an investigation into the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Nag Hammadi Library and developec into a study of the habit of communities in the past of placing treasured documents into pots and hiding them in caves to avoid persecutors etc. It became a study on anthropological sources in many cultures dating back several thousand years. The main area was the Middle East from India to Iran.
Anyway, my book called G Batch is an introduction to the whole project. I shall be putting more about it up on my blog as and when.
I have 2 exhibitions coming up near Witham and Colchester in Essex soon and I shall endeavour to keep you posted.