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The Jug talk at BABE & Bukman dances on.

“… Sadness gives roots. Happiness gives branches. … Both are needed, and the higher a tree goes, the deeper it goes… In fact, it is always in proportion. That’s its balance.” Osho Japanese Zen master, thanks to Paper Ponderer.

So, now I don’t feel so bad after having been happy and sad in equal measure in Bristol at babe last weekend. As always in life, nothing is perfect and we don’t really appreciate the good time without the counterbalance of the not so good times. Like in my little dance, there’s ups and there’s doons.

On the Saturday I spoke with about 30 people about my work and ideas and many, predominantly those with a background in graphics, loved some aspect of my work but like most artist-types, they had no spare cash to spread.

OK, time for a rethink.

eggs in basket sm

I had put all my eggs in one basket- BABE 2015, which I had looked forward to since BABE 2013. https://apulhed.wordpress.com/2015/04/08/86881/ Most of my ideas had been focussed on two new books, one for BABE 2015 launch.

There’s little point banging my head against a brick wall for the rest of my days and the art-world in all its manifestations is as a brick built juggernaut which I clambered onto in the 70’s and 80’s but fell off and now it trundles on without me. I been over-looked, left behind and all that ‘sadwimpy me’ stuff. I am aware that I should pretend that selling one G BATCH is tantamount to a victory, which it is inasmuch that one person took to it enough to buy one but Honesty a honesty smis my middle name. Honesty is a simple plant , a bit like my self. And am sure he’ll enjoy G BATCH, like the 5 folk who came to my gig appeared to, honest. And so did I. So, if I look at what I really enjoyed it’d be the ‘gig’ & jig and the chat with all those who expressed interest in my works. My favourite moment was watching Nancy Campbell & Donna Williams do their readings. donna williams smDonna used signing (BSL) to ‘say’ her poems as she’s deaf and I loved her dance like hand movements. nancy holds up poem smNancy read some of her Greenlandic words and their English translations and she posed beautifully with her pages. My second favourite moment was talking to my pot peteholdin scroll smand dancing my whirligig to a packed hall of 5 onlookers. Two longstanding friends and three women who were experiencing my dulcet tones for their first time.chris L an me sm

And the street art in Brissolpete in cap jab sm is wonderful here’s moi with my JAB Chicago cap on cos they’re gonna publish an article of mine come the fall.

I gottu ‘do watti got to do, come on and see me when you can. I was looking for that Nina Simone track ‘Come Back and see me when you can’ on utube but couldn’t trace it. But I found this Wailing Jennings track which is sad but lovely and it seems the person who uploaded it thought Wail-on must have aimed high with the women he wished for, or did he have them then lose loose them? Then Wail on Jennings! Anyhow, I aimed high and now I seem to have scorched my wings.


 Pete’s Rede..ready..Reed-Read Poem:

I must ree

Re treat from artist’s books events

I shall

Re cite my poems again where I can

Maybe I shud

Re price my wares better

Re novate my spirit

Re sight my activities to venues more appropriate to their wide remit

Re prise, simply, my 1970’s books now Apul-One is having its 40th birthday

Re ignite my solo exhibitions in libraries so I can exhibit my big pictures as well as books

Re concile myself to the fact my work is not attracting punters and fellow artist book makers

Re clude and retink my output

Re uniting with a old college friend for the first time in 20 years was great

Re instate my performances

Re figure my mailing list (tick the box, done today)

Re voke my desire to inform all in sundry just post my blArts and let folks find em IF they so wish

Re constitute the mix of my output

Re vive my hopes

Re negotiate my position

Re linquish my wish to join the gods of ‘art’ and just be me

Re birth I am born again now I see my past arts more clearly and

Re nascence I have taken a new look at life to

Re quire a fee or a burse-a-ree

Re view of where I been and wur am goin and wur I stand

Re member to thank Dave D. for his great company and his filming ma wee dance

Re appraise my place in it all and I shall

Re surrect my work and let you see it but

Re vived in new formats as I shall outline in my nex blArt, Ohh Bee Joy Full (w/e 24th Avril)

De tox not needed as I don’t imbibe

De tension myself, don’t expect so much just be there and enjoy the atmosphere

De light in the positives forgit the negatives or just use them to learn from

De railed was my idea that I was getting ‘out there’ and coming thru

De livery of my ‘show’ did occur just ask one of the 5 who saw it

De luded no more now I know my stuff isn’t sell (at least I can’t sell out!)

De terminated I shall shift my focus making most of my books into ‘one off unique’ objects

See you again sometime way up along that Inscrutable Destiny Way.

You can see my artlife history here: https://apulhed.wordpress.com/about/ and ‘ta’ to G E Gallas fer liking it, you are a supreme artiswomanhonoraryblokepersonage

Next blagArt

Ohh Bee Joy Full

from the material world to a more digital profile

OK, so I was a Luddite? Or maybe playing (too) safe? I avoided going on social sites like the plague. But last night i saw my mate Gary what is on all these tings like twits and linkds and all. he advocated them. I don’t know why but thur tis. He took my wordpress url and linked me to his contacts, so that’s a potential 1500 more folk looking in ere. And if you are one of em let me know cos I want to know if these systems work. So Gary was saying that what you do is ‘follow’, well following was never my strong hand, I prefer to follow (oops) my own path, which has always meant I am the nerd up front who is ploughing thru the jungle with me machete and it’s bin ‘ard. It’s a difficult path bein a pie-on-ear.But that’s watti dun did. So, I had to question, what am I doing it for, why am I interested in developing a ‘follow-group? Well gary sed it gets you out there, making links, making connects, making…a netwerk? Do I need a netwerk? Apparently that’s how you gain a …repertation. And without one you’re nobody. Why a repewt-nation? So folk can ‘get’ wat yer doin. OK so I want folk to see my work, from the past 40 years, cos I tink it’s good. Having said that I used to think Tom Phillips work was only so-so. But I see by going to hie ‘follow’ he is a lot better than i thort. And his book on Dante wat he rote from translating Dante then illustrated, which Gustavo said I can go see, is apparently a bit astounding. then I look at my stuff, yes it may be good, but not astoonding. Why? Well I could never afford to give it all the time needed to astoond ye. There wer always summat gerrin in th’way. Like gerrin a job, doin yer job, gerrina tersificat to prove yu cud do that job berrer. And nobody ever paid for my stuff, which may have given me time to mek it stound yez? 

So anyway, if my spellin asn’t put yu orf then I shall continue next time. Am just awaiting Gary’s mates to come on board before I extend my path and invite more to foller me. well not me, my ‘stuff’.