Kentish Town PA

When I referred to the fact that there’d probably have been copies of the Kabir poem, which I use as inspiration for my project, in the shops that got blown up I felt myself starting to cry unintentionally.

My German ‘gHosts’.

All of a sudden my life is beginning to happen. ‘It’s almost as if the stars are tangled in a ghostly spider’s web. The whole network is beginning to glow, to pulse with light, exactly as if it were alive…’ (p. 166, Tom Wolfe in Cool Aid Acid Test). I spent 65 years ‘trying’ to … Continue reading My German ‘gHosts’.

Yes am lucky

clematis (c) by IEPW Yes am lucky being alive! Cos am nearing sixty five My generation has been able to strive Cos our fathers were able to survive That heinous conflict known as the second world war And in a way we owe it to them to do a bit more. When we were young, in … Continue reading Yes am lucky

Keeping up with the Broons?

Keeping up with the Broons? I hope youse all got down and di some yoga on the longest day as it wer internatural yogic day! I did. I did my first ever solo on me own alone astanga session and i nearly got into the balance position in a head stand, not quite, still work … Continue reading Keeping up with the Broons?

That’s where it’s at pretty baby!

OK here is the vid of me at BABE in April 2015, it’s taken the overall count of visits to my blArt over the 6,500 mark, is that going viral? Herr Beuys is watching A special thanks to Dave Doughty who filmed it, Kara who did the cd operating the music at VERY short … Continue reading That’s where it’s at pretty baby!