Mugenkyo Taiko drumbeats.

Like Picasso like Leonardo I have got an ‘o’ in my name!

Mine’s at the front though,


Oh my big O!


Like Picasso like Leonardo I make images

Like them I do the best I can


Oh my big O!


We do do do what we can do

When we are able

And when we are unable

To do do do what we can do

We do the best we can O.


The “Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers” were at Colchester Arts Centre on Thursday 19 May 2016!

 Miyuke Williams & Neil Mackie, founder members of the group.


“Mugen” means limitless and “Mugenkyo” means limitless reverberation, expressing our belief that Taiko has no limitations, no musical or geographical boundaries; the reverberations of Taiko (drums) spread throughout the world.


Mugenkyo’s aim is to develop taiko drumming as a contemporary European performing art, both in its pure form, and in collaboration with other artists & disciplines.


I have taken photos many years now. I have put myself out sometimes to be in the right place. This week I went to Colchester Arts Centre to try take some photos of a bunch of folks called Mugenkyo who play Japanese drums.

bang bong sm

They said yes you can, and I did do, Oh and how!

a hans up sm

They came out better than I could have dreamed so!

a 3 women drummers sm

So here some of em are so you can enjoy the sounds you see.

I sat reight at front about a metre from the drums and the noise was intensely beautiful.

a markus guhe smMarkus Guhe

I just snapped and snapped away until my battery ran out, near the end. They played about 2 hours of solid beat. Incredible.

a Stella ChanStella Chan

a brendon neil2 smBrendon Neill

Yukari Ichise + Art Lee sm

They were joined by Art Lee & Yukari Ichise from Tokara who remain based in Japan where Art is the only non-Japanese to win the Solo Grand Championship in Osuwa Daiko.

It was my privilege to observe and hear this wonderful ensemble!

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