Pottery, Prose & Poetry 

a dramatic sky  signals a busy time getting ready for this new season of events

a dark cloud sm

Once I wanted to be a writer, now I write.

Once I wanted to be a Performance Artist, now I perform.

Once I wanted to be a maker of books, I make books.

Once I wanted to be a father, then I got children of my own.

Once I wanted to be a lover, then there was you.

You can make it if you try

Aim high

And by and by if you don’t give up

You can become your dreams


Sometimes we encounter obstacles

Have faith in your vision

And what you wish to become


Once I wanted to be an astronaut

Then I realised

I am flying thru space

On a small planet we call Earth

One day my spirit shall soar above this temporary home

I’ll look back at all the beautiful things

I will smile

Then I shall let go

And travel speedily

In the blink of an eye

To the next great adventure

God knows where

Thank You

a wing sm

Thanks for all that I have been

For all what I have seen

For what I was able to do

That is my experience

I sure got lucky

I lived my life in peace

That’s what I wish for all

Peace on Earth

Forever may be.

Forget those historical rights

And wrongs

Aim to live together

For the good of All

Look after what you can.

Pete Kennedy 14.02.2016

a ponder upon pot poems sm

I’ve chosen to feature the Clay Jug in my piece for the Society of Bookbinder’s bookart day on 5 March at Kentish Town because has many aspects to it; book, binding, etching, woodcut, letterpress, pottery, prose & poetry so I’ve chosen it as my main focus. Sonia Serrao, who has kindly asked me to be there has requested I do it as a two part presentation, 15 minutes in each.

a leaf book 2 cover sm

Here’s one of the books I made what I’ll be going on about.

I have separated it into a short intro-talk with my books as the objects revealed and then they become my props in a new piece of my Performance Art (PA). I am aware that the S-o-B members who attend won’t necessarily be au fe with PA and I promise my piece will be very ‘book’ related. There’ll be music by my young friend Luke Walker which he wrote specifically for my Clay Jug story. I will ‘explain’ the PA piece in my intro and I have been working on the choreography, still am, it’s quite ambitious inasmuch that I wish to use my body to ‘be’ various forms of the book since Sumerians made cuneiform tablets. Which should be easy cos some folk think me as “dumb as a brick.”

a leaf book 1 + cat

And another one which my cat has taken over as his bed!

I thought I had worked out all my moves until I sat for 3 hours watching the wonderful Pina Bausch dancers at Sadlers Wells yesterday and got inspired to add some more (adventurous) bits. http://www.sadlerswells.com/whats-on/2015/tanztheater-wuppertal-pina-bausch-auf-dem-gebirge-hat-man-ein-geschrei-gehort/

So I am spending this week sorting out my piece.

Also, I felt I had to take something new in the bookbinding sense so I am working on a new binding for the collaboration prints that David Jury & me worked up in 2014. I’ve done a ‘dummy’ which has a few teething problems that I hope to iron out between ‘rehearsals’.

a wobin sm

Robin rehearsing his PA

Finally, as well as the Bausch Co. there’s another dancer and mask wearer who inspires me toward my PA, Leonard Cohen, here he is with his old age mask, watch it til the end. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YuCpTi0EtbU

and here’s some Bowie stuff you should see:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pSx3uT9cJ04 bowie duz imagine

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jogv7tD18gs rik wakeman on bowie

http://www.theverge.com/2016/2/15/11004570/grammys-2016-lady-gaga-david-bowie-performance lady gaga duz bowie at granmas

That’s real nice! Two bloggerds visited ma site just now and ‘liked’ today’s offering! ‘Likes’ are rare as hen’s teeth in my blArt. AND they tipped my ‘views’ up to 10,000. Thank youse much. Namaste


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