Let’s dance

Let’s dance with Pina’s lot.

Thanks to Jurgen Fritz for the image de moi in the header! And for the 2,000+ photos he took of all us PA folk at IPA in  the earth spirit centre (http://www.earthspirit-centre.co.uk/) “Just five miles from Glastonbury, on the edge of Compton Dundon village in Somerset, EarthSpirit lies within the ‘temenos’ (sacred enclosure) of Avalon.”

I watched this Wim Wenders’ tribute about Pina Bausch, WOW! It’s one of the best things I have ever seen!

a wim wender on pina bausch sm


I am sure that some of my friends who attended the IPA Bristol fortnight in October must have seen it. There are bits in it that I am sure influenced some movements I saw there. There’s a lovely bit where a woman is walking with a tree on her back which is reminiscent of McLennan’s work. It’s just an incredible programme about somebody who must have been an inspirational leader.

They’re coming to Sadler’s Wells in February. I never go there but this is one time I shall be there.


os I am never going to match all them greats. But, you know me, I can’t stop trying!

baltic cowpokeCowboy Pete at BALTIC ctsy of Gary Malkin

Here is a link to the ‘talk’ I did in July this year at BALTIC in which I do a couple of ‘dances’. I enter dressed as a cowboy and do the first gallery private view ‘dance’ to ‘Outlaw Pete’ which must have been written for me cos it tells a tale so similar to my dragging up in Glasgow. Bruce has just changed the names of places for legal reasons. Then at about 10 mins in for 3 minutes I do my now famous (at least on our street) ‘Killer’s Are We Humans Or Are We Dancers?’ dance:

This is the dance with which I also introduced myself at IPA Bristol. It was great there cos they asked me to repeat it in the evening relaxed session and they all joined in copying my moves which are a bit like me in these drawings.

a shado o'pete dancing sm

I next did ma Outlaw Pete (Jurgen’s Hoss) Dance at firstsite in November. A friend filmed it on her iphone but it’s in two parts make 30MB and I need to edit them together and upload them in a smaller form, so you’ll have to wait, cos I don’t yet have the skills to do them tings.

What am doing now in ma blog and ma PA is the culmination of my almost 50 years adult study in ‘art’. a study which has many stages; oils, prints, books, sculptures in many differing idioms. When folk clap my PA I realise that I made ‘art’ for reaction. I love to glean your reaction, your joy, your love, your muse, your amuse…

I think I made art to get noticed. Have you noticed…me?

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