We all want a happy life!

‘May I be Nothing but the peeling of a lotus papering the distance for you underfoot.

Tiny yellow bundles bursting like stars

Like smiles

And the laughter of the bells’

Said Patti Smith on reading her pome to the Dalai Lame commemorating his 6th july 80th birthday forthcoming.

Then surprise surprise out he came at Glastonbury!


He cut a cake full of fresh fruit. Then walked out front and did a speech,

“We all want a happy life

Each new day


In order to be more happy day

Keep here (points his chest)

More Compassion

It creates Honest,



And Trust

We are social animals

Friendship does not come thru money”

scarfin patti

Then he let Patti kiss his forehead and he blessed the crowd and was led away.

The image of Apulhed in the top o ma blArt is drawn around a photo of the Dalai Lama taken during his flight from Mao’s Chinese invaders when he was very young.

blessin crowd

Patti did a great set, especially her ‘Horses’ and Sir Van’s ‘Gloria’.

yello mask best sm

Other highlights for me were Mike Scott & his new Waterboys. He sang a song about Kerouac & Cassady. He is on the track by Jackie Leven that inspired my Clay jug series. Seems we sing from the same songsheet only I don’t sing/can’t sing. I loved the masks they wore.

Also ‘Goat ‘ wore great masks too.

I thought my masks were good, but now I must return to the mask-board.

In fact I ain’t got no time to mek masks right now am making books and stuff ready for BALTIC bookfair in a couple o weeks.

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