Carry on regardless.

There’s No Hope for an ole fert but I see our ‘Tracey …. creates Penguin classics covers for Henry Miller novels.’ (Henry would squirm about on his cloud!) And I think I will have to throw in the white towel vis a vis trying to find outlet in the ‘art-werld’, it’s too blind to see ma lite.

One time I’ll write a book and in it just print all my rejections from the past 45 yearns. It’d be a big, FAT book too. Maybe I’ll edit it back to just tree werds, (well six, no n/mine actually)? They are imprinted on me art mi artys.

not quite right (fer us)

best of luck (elsewhere)”

I shall jus carry on regardless.

Like Jack did, Kerouac that was.

I bin ritin haiku pops like what he did,

He taught moi all he knew.

So here’s a taster o ma new haiku (nots):

Can I hack it in haiku?

Seventeen syllables and

Three short lines “Ah So!”

I wish to write about

My journey as is shown

In my Venus Stairs

People walking up and down the steps

Along balustrades

In to heaven.

1 plan of venus 3Bukman arising from Venus Stairs

Also, I bin werkin on ma new buk, wenni complete that (Venus Stairs) I’ll continue wid ma New Shrewd Idiot, then it’s The Genie Ass. I don’t have time to do ma blArts right noo. I’m excited by this new book, Venus Stairs, it flags up a new dawn based in 50 years of finding out; art, life, all.

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