Christmas Magic Numbers Merriment

When I saw that the Magic Numbers were playing at Colchester Arts Centre Thursday 18th December 2014 I booked tickets straight away, I thought, ‘How good is that?’ Good would be an understatement, they were MAGIC!

goat rodeo sm

THE GOAT ROPER RODEO BAND opened the set with some original C&W sounds.

The girl REN HARVIEU singing in the second support group had a wonderful voice and she did a lovely rendition of Joni Mitchel’s ‘River’.

magic nos magic all 4 sm

But the band we had gone to see didn’t disappoint, wow no, they did in fact produce magic. They played from their back catalogue many of the numbers that made them well known. They played new songs like the lovely Orbison.

magic nos eye sm

This utube track gives an idea of how infectious their group antics are and the rapport they have with the crowd which was a goodly number in Colchester but must have seemed like performing in their own living room to the band.

They had fond memories of doing a 3 piece acoustic set here before and they loved the crowd so you could see they were really relaxed and in festive mood. Great set. They ended up doing a jam with members of the two opening bands with a really great version of Neil Young’s Harvest Moon  but my camera had run out of gas by then and so I missed getting images. The drummer came up to front and did a great piece on his mouth harp. It was so beautiful to see the two ladies who went with me both dancing to Neil and both grinning from ear to hear! I loved it too. I shall post a few photos for an idea of the night’s quality. Say no more.

magic nos drummer 2 sm

drummer with santa

magic nos lefgel sm

each member of the band played several instruments

magic nos lead an bass craka sm

the lead guitarist was in good spirits, laid back but on the ball

(or should that be the bauble?)

 Oh, nearly forgottened, Happi Chrystle tae all ma reeders.

new apulchild badge best blak sm

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