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Before you read this you must understand it is an historical document. A human being goes through so many changes and they say in 7 years you become a totally differing entity, so, I am not responsible for everything that bloke Pete said in the stuff below. But it’s still my copyrite of course.

Below is the second website I ever set up, you will find it if you google apulhed. Sadly it don’t show up well and globalnet have not taken it off the net yet. So I am putting a better version on my blog today. My blog and other digital site stuff is of course always

© pete kennedy 2013

I notice an African set up has nicked my (copyrighted/copyrite) name apulhed. There is no way they invented the name. I have irrefutable proof that the name is my creation. Apulhed is one of the titles I invented to name my character, AppleHeadMan in the early 1970’s. IF my African friends want and are prepared to pay my way I would love to visit their fair clime and lecture on the Life of Apulhed-Man.

I shall attempt to place all the images watti used in the 2003 site, hey, another anniversary for an aspect of Apulhed looms!

This was the greeting, a bit changed now, that I sent out to my millions of lisseners back near the beginning of the 21st century:

1st of January 2003:

“Happy nu yeer to all my appi fans!

may all yor daewoos be goodness and mersi doorin all ob 2003 lob frae petro”


The above is a rework of an image I created in screen print back in 1972. What took some weeks to create using hand cut stencils then can be manipulated in seconds on computer now. I’m aware that any of the images that I post on the www can be downloaded and re-done by anyone, many of whom would be infinitely better than me on digital packages. I still claim origination and copyrights on all of my creations. If you like them by all means print them off and enjoy, but do not use them for commercial purposes unless you seek my permission first, and get it! For many years I would not put my stuff on the net as I never managed to make any money from it in the first place and I would of hated someone to make a fortune from my stuff and not count me in. Now I’m aware that people only want your work if you are famous, and I’d not get famous thru normal publishing, so now am intending to post up images on a regular basis. Enjoy.

then a from a bit further back in august 2002:

The Apulhed Site at last! © pete kennedy 2003

This is my new experiment at making a worthy site.

I’m doing it by the book. Front Page for Dummies.

My usual way is to pick up a little info then apply it haphazard and hope that eventually i get there. But so far that has not produced anythink worthy, nor what i can return to and regularly change et al.

So am working thru and see if that improves it.

MY CREATIVE WORK (The writings, graphics & ‘performances)’.

Appleheadman Screams’ [1971]


The first ever public showing of Appleheadman was a series of repeated images of him Screaming in disbelief at the results of conflict. The images were screenprinted and each one had additional images drawn and painted with a different topic in the ‘brain’. [T Shirt was available, but sold out!]


Apulhed graphic ‘Wimp-hero’ [1972]


Appleheadman quickly became Apulhed as a result of his creator using a strange illogical phonetic based on a northern English dialect and a few stray Americanisms. He became a regular feature in Exeter University’s student newspaper, later having spells in Cantab [Cambridge] and Sennet [London].

Unlike his comic world predecessors our Wimp-Hero appeared powerless to change the wrongs that he witnessed in the world; he had no superpowers, he was badly drawn and incapable of spelling correctly.


The “Apulhed Masque” [1973]: St Luke’s College drama studio gave birth to the first Apulhed masked event.

Standing on the Bannista Contemplating the Ways of the World And the Fartin’ Donkey.’ Or Apulone[1975] Isbn: 0950426709. [meaning the first Apulhed book]. A self published book of thoughts, observations, dreams, & ideas written in idiosyncratic personalised phonetic and illustrated with drawings and photos created by Apulhed’s creator. Included free gift Apulthenk badge.


 1979: Manuscript for ‘The Shrewd Idiot’ strongly considered for publication, first by Wildwood House then by John Calder, but it was destined to wait, not forever I trust. As ‘The Shrewd Idiot in the Quagfog’ it joins ‘The Dull Jodrell’ [Apulhed’s Esoteric Enlightening, self-published in July 1994] and ‘On Becoming an Artist’ [1990] as one of the greatest Trilogies of self-discovery never released.

[These ‘books’ were not written phonetically, although there are changes to spelling and a creative play with words that indicates the working of a non-conformist who is both untrammelled by conformity and not harnessed to any literary norms & convention! ]


Apulhed Lives’ [1976]- self-published comic/graphic story, an Awakening to the Hopi tribal people of Arizona introducing ‘Lighteyes’. When the late GREAT Rick Griffin shook my hand and said the comic I did for Brainstorm Comics in 1976 was, “A Good Strip”, I was in heaven with my Hopi people!


 A strange premonition of Spielberg’s ‘Close encounters’. Includes several illustrations to Van Morrison songs: Astral Weeks, T.B.Sheets, Moondance, Listen to the Lion, Wild Night, Redwood Tree, & Veedon Fleece. Also written in Apulhed’s personal phonetic style.


Coloured 2″ badges of Apuldolls, Apulsphinx, Akashic Apultree, Cosmic Child Apulhed, and Flyingsaucereyes. [1976]


Happy Apulhed [1979] Creating the definitive icon: the simply drawn Happy Apulhed character, a humorous ‘comic’, badges, T shirts, greeting card designs to launch Apulhed as the new symbol for creative cosmic thinking featuring the shrewd idiot slant on life with a benevolent humour.

A note from the author:

My name is Y. A Twerp, And I’m Yet Another Idiot trying to make it thru. This page was renewed in August 2002. If you have surfed in to it please let me know, just drop me an e-mail. Here is a photo of me pushing all the books I still got left from my last publishing adventure.



I have spent 30-(now 48) years making art. There is a variety and richness to my work. My output ranges from graphic drawings, oils & acrylics, screen & lino-prints, masks, sculptures including a stone – carved head for my father’s memorial. My t shirt designs have been remarked on in the Museum of Modern Art in New York and in Buckingham Palace, where my work is known to the Surveyor of Her Majesty’s Pictures. I was invited to submit designs for the Van Dyke t shirt by the Royal Academy Enterprises. All this and I have yet to make any income from my art. Surely this says something about the status of art in Britain! The body of work done over 30 years is a substantial statement of my artistic integrity and despite being totally ignored stands as witness to my creativity.

I shall continue to publish my own output thru this site and blow my own trumpet and produce more.

‘Just can’t wait any longer for the sign’ – thank you Van the Man.


Van, as Listen to the Lion,  a great source of inspiration in my early adult life.

and thank you Bruce the Boss for the following lines:

‘…just sitting around waitin’ for my life to begin

while it was all just slipping away

I’m tired of waitin’ for tomorrow to come’

AND I’M NOT “WAITING FOR MY MAN” I’ve waited for far too long. I’ve been and done training for this, training for that- getting qualified, all the time waiting for the nod, waiting for the door keeper to let me in! Truth is, there is nowhere behind the door it’s an empty room. NO I have my werk, forget the rest.

My own “Werk*”, is about ‘creative consciousness’: Finding it. Realising you have found it. Then using it/applying it.

A lot of the Images and Artefacts that I create are Personal & Related to my own Experience

Some are Archetypal, related to the Experience of All & Everyone.

*(Please note that throughout my writings ‘werk’ is the word I use to denote the creative work I see as my chosen /preferred occupation to differentiate it from my vocation, where I go to carry out my paid professional capacity as a teacher. I have come to understand the strange assisting capacity having a ‘normal’ job has on my creative process, I enjoy my job and the daily grind actually provides the steely metal of the ‘Quick’ – as in the quick and the dead- which is a contradiction inasmuch that the energy and time given to my job are taken away from my creative input the my werk. Consequently I have produced very little output, when compared to say Picasso or James Joyce, but my werk is really that of a human who functions within the bounds of ‘normal’ experience. My ‘struggle has been to produce werk under constraints of, and the strain of  ‘other commitments’ but like the words above from the Man  and the Boss you just gotta Do! Thank you too Uncle John the working class man.)

My search [can you help?]

Although I try, I cannot do it all alone! I am looking for:

Outlets: galleries, theatres, colleges, libraries, bookshops, village halls, community centres, business centres, anywhere there may be an interest in my creative ideas that is willing to pay my expenses and a reasonable fee for my time.

With all that help I might just become a significant player in the New Millennium, without it I might Succeed alone, and apples might start to talk! (p.s. This appeal was on my original pretty poor site for two years and I got no offers, come on you can do better than that.) pps, i still got no offers 10 years later in 2013, why not just give up you twerp?

My Show at Colchester library during January 2000 successfully launched my Nonogon Stories and a cd of music for the show. In June 2000 I took part in the Maldon 2000 celebrations in Maldon High St. where we danced an abridged version of the “Nonogon Nomads notorious Showdown with Beehellzeebug the Arch-Villain”. Throughout the day children made masks of the Nonomads and the Arch-Villain, which were worn in the Procession at the end of the day.

This blodge I’m doing: will include  the history of Apulhed, the least famous superstar of the 20th century, and and you can get me on .


As I now have a day job very demanding it is too my webpage publishing will initially be slow, but now I’ve mapped out the various parts, rest assured, it shall grow.




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