from the material world to a more digital profile

OK, so I was a Luddite? Or maybe playing (too) safe? I avoided going on social sites like the plague. But last night i saw my mate Gary what is on all these tings like twits and linkds and all. he advocated them. I don’t know why but thur tis. He took my wordpress url and linked me to his contacts, so that’s a potential 1500 more folk looking in ere. And if you are one of em let me know cos I want to know if these systems work. So Gary was saying that what you do is ‘follow’, well following was never my strong hand, I prefer to follow (oops) my own path, which has always meant I am the nerd up front who is ploughing thru the jungle with me machete and it’s bin ‘ard. It’s a difficult path bein a pie-on-ear.But that’s watti dun did. So, I had to question, what am I doing it for, why am I interested in developing a ‘follow-group? Well gary sed it gets you out there, making links, making connects, making…a netwerk? Do I need a netwerk? Apparently that’s how you gain a …repertation. And without one you’re nobody. Why a repewt-nation? So folk can ‘get’ wat yer doin. OK so I want folk to see my work, from the past 40 years, cos I tink it’s good. Having said that I used to think Tom Phillips work was only so-so. But I see by going to hie ‘follow’ he is a lot better than i thort. And his book on Dante wat he rote from translating Dante then illustrated, which Gustavo said I can go see, is apparently a bit astounding. then I look at my stuff, yes it may be good, but not astoonding. Why? Well I could never afford to give it all the time needed to astoond ye. There wer always summat gerrin in th’way. Like gerrin a job, doin yer job, gerrina tersificat to prove yu cud do that job berrer. And nobody ever paid for my stuff, which may have given me time to mek it stound yez? 

So anyway, if my spellin asn’t put yu orf then I shall continue next time. Am just awaiting Gary’s mates to come on board before I extend my path and invite more to foller me. well not me, my ‘stuff’.

One thought on “from the material world to a more digital profile”

  1. ‘pie-on-ear’ I love it!

    Do a sketch Pete of a pie on ear, please…..maybe with a machete in his hand as well.



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