My hero Jimmy McIlroy

I designed a 3D piece to celebrate the career of Jimmy McIlroy, the maestro who Stan Bowles said was his biggest inspiration and I believe MUST have also inspired George Best.I am trying to galvanise a campaign to have it made. There would be spin offs like a small maquette for sale in shops. Ideally I would like to see place outside either Burnley or Stoke F C or maybe outside the National Football museum. I want something to be done during his lifetime, although the days for that are growing less as he has just made 82! As an artist I would do all the fabrication..

I did approach Burnley about 3 years ago and they had me visit them said they wanted it and showed me where they would put it. But then when i told them what it would cost to make and deliver to the ground they never replied, despit their telling me that it would cost them nothing as they would sell bricks from the pedestal to fans who would have their names put on. I think also it could be installed in Northern Ireland. He is one of the longest serving Irish playersImage
What do you tink?

One thought on “My hero Jimmy McIlroy”

  1. In your photo, I like the effect of the Jimmy Mac maquette throwing shadows on the ground, they would make great shadow templates on walls/placards dotted around Burnley leading to The Turf Moor ground.

    The figure would make excellent enamel pin badges for supporters.

    Both creating an awarenes for a full-sized sculpture!


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