Am onto sumthink Big

I only have a few minutes so this is a quick one.

A brave friend suggested that G Batch as a name for my most recent book doesn’t give a clue as to what the inside of the book contains, the truly spiritual side. She said she understood it as an acrostic but it is too cold, too mathematical. I pondered on that and BOOM out of the ether came the answer. I shall make a wraparound overcover. On it I shall have a line drawing which goes round the pot which you can see thru the outer semi-opaque paper. On that new words.title etc. The drawing follows the contours of the pot and has dots in key points which you join up. This has led to some ideas of including an enneagram (my nonogon) and a Vitruvius man. Watch this space. Bless the dancer.


One thought on “Am onto sumthink Big”

  1. Good idea, it brings in the importance you place on the connections between mystics and the synchronicity of events and viewpoints.

    Your sketch triggered a thought that the jug was like a skull with firing neurons, the jug like the skull was a container for knowledge, manifested by firing connections between trails of nodes/events/artefacts/ created along the way.


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