First Site talk success but

OK, so I went to a talk at First Site the big new gallery in Colchester. It’s a stunning place with fantastic facilities but nobody came. It’s a crying shame. Such a great facility not being supported. I been going up to London, Paris, New York, Barcelona, Madrid and all to find good galleries and here is one equal to the best in the whole artworld and it’s not drawing in the crowds. Hell, I think all the art folk in london should get off their asses and come on over. i mean, we in the sticks go to your galleries, start using ours!

ann stephens reads an stephen2

There were about 3 other members of the public and about equal number of staff. Ann Stephen from Australia did a good talk about  some minimalists out of Australia. She was brave to do it with such a low audience. I was lucky to be there and i took some photos and did some drawings of her which I shall use in a future article. It links nicely to one I have just completed on Lucy Lippard. gives an Aussie angle. Eventually i shall find a way to put my articles up on this blog.


Here’s Ann walking thru the crowds in the gallery.

There’s a bookart bloke coming to talk in 2 weeks time. i hope to persuade some of my pals in bookarts to go cos it’d be a missed opportunity if they miss him. I will put some stuff up about him next week.

4 thoughts on “First Site talk success but”

  1. Well Pete, what can I say in defense of all the ignorant (like me) out here. I avidly watch the local news every night and knew nothing about this gallery. Now I find it was opened in 2011 – what kind of secret marketing do they do? Anyway, thanks for enlightening me. I’m going to try to get to the Xerogaphy exhibition if I can find a friend who is also interested, which might be a tall order. I’d love to see art in Xerography, rather than the boring things I ever used it for!


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