placing my stuff in context

Yesterday I made a mistake, no it wasn’t my dis-associating myself from the ‘art world’, I stand by that . I said something I had deduced from incoming feed but I hadn’t checked my sources. Now normally, say in everyday conversation, that doesn’t matter much cos folk can correct you, ‘Hey Pete that’s more of your usual tripe’ and I can stand corrected, with egg on my face. But in a blog there are implications I had not foreseen. I never like getting things wrong. Ask my wife, she KNOWS I am always right, not. But anyway, I apologised to those concerned and have adjusted yesterday’s missive accordingly.

I did a price list ready for the new show, wow you’re not cheap I hear them say. Well that’s relative. I look at the price of unique artist books in the new ABYB and mine are cheap by comparison, maybe i should put them up? In fact I want to start selling, full stop. My work has never really returned the outlay, that’s a fact. Maybe cos i do stuff about mystics and other ‘out there’ subjects but no! I took a look at a book by Simon cox called ‘Cracking The Da Vinci Code’ about Dan Brown’s book and lo & behold, many of the things he goes on about are in my book too. It’s not necessarily a coincidence nor is it plagiarism, on his part, (I was the first, well actually I wernt, William James, Jung, Gurdjeff, Goethe and loads of others were the firsts). But (cosmic) joking apart, my raft of books, that is the 3 unique ‘bookartobjects’, the Enbuks and my most ‘commercial’ one G BATCH may purportedly be about mystics and Gnostics and all that jazz when in fact they are more like Gauguin’s Why are we here and who or what are we etc. And there’s some beautiful answers or hints in my work. I mean it’s taken 63 years, minus16 days, for this idiot to work out what it’s all about. By the way it’s not ‘selling’ nor being accepted into canons. To the cosmic ‘meaning of life’ those accolades are like a bull scratching it’s back on a tree, and in my case the tree falls on me head. Whenever i think am doing good the world suddenlt drops around my ears . I suppose that explains why I have always subconsciously shyed away from ‘success’. One of the secret questions in my book is are we humans or are we dancers, and shall I dance tonight? Maybe not. but I think I can dance. The alternative would be I sing, and you certainly would not want that, John’s studio would come down around our collective ears.

Am still getting ready. i did do 4 copies of the linoprint of Kane’s Poem, all of them imperfec. So, I asked myself what’s wrong with that? Life is imperfec. And in fact where the ink didn’t ‘take’ it looks like the sky at night. More to the point the words show i have moved on in my understanding of where we come from and where we are heading. In the poem I said,

We Share our time on this domain

From which we return to whence we came

We know not why we are here

My cherished little dear

But you need never fear

Whilst Through Eternity it flies

Our spirit never dies.

I think of William Blake’s simpler poems about tigers and lambs when I re-read that. And I have to say it brings tears to my eyes. The death of an infant made me dig deep into my own resource to seek out a better understanding of the purpose of our life. And i may have stumbled on some answer. As it happens the idea that spirit never dies is so deepset into various old human philosophies like the Vedas and the words of Buddha. In my researches for my books this year i came to the conclusion, or was led, that we begin and end from the same. My book G Batch goes into more detail, so buy it and make me rich so i can pass thru the camel’s eyes or someting like that. I am going to spend the day getting my preview ready and try not to forget owt.

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