what Am i doing?

What on earth do you think yor doing Pete? sending all them emails out to all in sundry? Well you see it’s becos i didn’t invite folk to my ‘talk’ at Minories on August 3rd, well not many. And I did loads of prep for that and many people missed it. But am not doing it again. Not the same and this talk at the preview will be more of a little chat. I may throw a mask or two in, but not the full works. I experimented with the last ‘talk’. It was an art object. The audience wearing masks was for me the hilite. 40 years to the month when i did the first (Apulhed) mask-In. Those who turned up may not have known/realised they were in a 40th anniversary show. Funnily Chris Leonard who helped organise that first one in 1973 was the first person to post a comment in my this new blog! So, the next ‘talk’ will comprise my reading my prose-poem Inside this clay jug. I may read one of the poems I am doing a print of for the show, that’s if I can find where i have put the lino, already cut. It’s a ‘poem’ about , not about, dedicated to the family of a friend whose little boy died  too soon. It was read out in the church. I couldn’t read it then so i won’t try this time but it’ll be on the wall.

So, Now I Am writing the next article for UWE artist’s books , this one’s about Lucy Lippard. And B S Johnson’s book ‘The Unfortunates’. Funny thing, I got such a lot to read and I don’t read fast. But in fact it’s the form of the book I’m writing about not the content. So Johnson’s book is kinda loose leaf, as are Lucy’s catalogues. Oh, I shall let you see it whenit’s done. A week to go now to the opening. Lots to do. The image is me at work on the show etc. It should go on the program, but i can’t afford to print it. So here it is. Ther’s a flyer too. next time


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