2 thoughts on “Is there anybody out there?”

  1. Hey Pete Good to see and hear of Apulhead again. I did not realise that you have been doing an MA (well done) and will be interested to hear about the connection between pots and the knowledge stored therein. Chris L


    1. Hi Chris, you are the first to send a question, ever. The knowledge is actually to do with Gnosis or Gnowledge. I began reading up on all sorts of wierd stuff when i did my B/Ed dissertation for Bill Josebury. I saw a similarity there between the knowledge of the East, the Vedanta etc and Modern nuclear physics. So when I started to investigate ideas for my final project in my MA I went to the British Library to see if the Buddhists had left any scrolls etc in pots like those found in the so called Dead Sea Scrolls. I hit a gold mine. The idea emanates from India. I soon found a book about a Buddhist community in a place called Gandhara which was probably a massive stage in the development of Buddhism out of India and into China and the Middle East. So I based a lot of the information and inspiration for my project on the Gandharan writings. My own pot which you can see on the table in a recent blog was coloured after one they found in Gandhara. i love all that


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