My forthcoming show

John Doubleday has kindly offered me a space at his studio to show the work I did on my recent MA course, plus some.

The books will be on display for two weeks. If you are anywhere near Great Totham or Wickham Bishops which are about 5 miles from Witham and 20 miles from Colchester, you are welcome to pop in. E mail me if you want to meet me there and I can chat to you about the ideas in the works.Imagethis is the pot with scrolls around which is the subject of my book G Batch and one of my exhibits.

2 thoughts on “My forthcoming show”

  1. Is it the scarey face ! I don’t think I will be there but hope it all goes well for you. I am working hard to get work made for to Art Book fairs next year. Doing book fairs and talking to other book artists as well as the public I think will teach me a ‘whole lot of stuff’ as well as drive me forward. Love to all Gwen


    1. That’s ok Gwen you did good coming to my Colchester ‘talk’ in August and bringing your friend. I have to agree the book fairs are a wonderful learning experience. hadleigh was one of the best I went to so far. The standard of artist books there is very high.


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