my new book!

Hey , did you know i have just published a new book?
Hey , did you know i have just published a new book?

I have recently completed an MA ‘Art, Design & the Book’ with David Jury as the main tutor. My main project was about knowledge in clay pots. It started as an investigation into the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Nag Hammadi Library and developec into a study of the habit of communities in the past of placing treasured documents into pots and hiding them in caves to avoid persecutors etc. It became a study on anthropological sources in many cultures dating back several thousand years. The main area was the Middle East from India to Iran.
Anyway, my book called G Batch is an introduction to the whole project. I shall be putting more about it up on my blog as and when.
I have 2 exhibitions coming up near Witham and Colchester in Essex soon and I shall endeavour to keep you posted.

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